Fire and Stove Safety

The basic idea of having a raging fire (or 2, or 3!) in the middle of your home sounds, on the face of it, rather alarming.

With some simple precautions and procedures, these dangers can be almost completely eliminated, providing the ‘bits of kit’ that control the fires are checked and maintained.

These ‘bits of kit’, namely, are:

  • The Room Heater/Open Fire
  • The Flue/Chimney

Regular cleaning/inspection will control the condition of the chimney/flue.

Regular checks and servicing will safeguard the condition of the appliance.

One of the biggest dangers and causes of chimney fires is the build up of flammable tar/creosote inside the chimney/flue lining.

It is imperative that this is checked and controlled by regularly sweeping the chimney, but in extreme cases, the tar/creosote will need a chemical treatment.

Another danger is that of Carbon Monoxide.

It is known as the ‘silent killer.’

Carbon Monoxide is always generated when fuels such as gas, oil, coal and wood are burnt. Problems only occur when the gas is allowed to build-up in a confined space.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are described as “flu-like”, ranging from headaches, dizziness, weakness, upset stomachs, nausea, chest pains, and in extreme cases, loss of consciousness and even death.

A simple CO alarm could save up to 50 deaths and 4,000 hospitalised patients each year.  PLEASE DO NOT RUN THE RISK